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Lindsay Meets Leni Loud
What would happen if these two dumb blond teens collied? what do you think they would say to each other? feel free to comment what they would say.
Top 7 Worst Total Drama Couples
Let me be brief, i hate most of the pairings on this show. they';re all gross and unpleasent to look at. so let's take a look at my list of Top 7 Worst Couples of Total Drama.

#7: Leshawna X Harold - I honestly don't like this couple at all. but it's not the worst one. witch is why it's so high on the list. but i still don't like it. I personally think Harold is best with Dawn and Leshawna is best with DJ.

#6: Scott X Courtney - EWW! UG! now we're getting into the worst couples. I DON'T LIKE THIS PAIRING! but i didn't see them as a couple thank god. i stopped watching this after season 3. but i don't see them as a couple at all.

#5: Alejandro X Heather - I have to say, Alejandro is the stupidest villen ever! he isn't even that evil. don't the writers know what evil is? all of them tried to turn on each other for the money. that isn't evil. but besides that, they are not a good couple. Alejandro is better off with Courtney in my appinion.

#4: Sam X Dekota - This in my appinion is the WORST couple in season 4. they are not a good couple! I said i wanted a nerd to get the girl of his dreams. BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I MENT!
#3: Geoff X Bridgette - I HATE THEM TOGETHER! all they do is make out without a break! but i don't hate that because it's disturbing, i hate it because they're a bad couple! Bridgette is better off with noah.

#2: Cody X Sierra - GROOSS! this is the most upnoctious pairing on the show. someone needs to get him a restraining order on her! she's just opsessing over him and never leaves him alone!

#1: Duncan X Gwen - yes. i find this to be the worst couple on Total Drama. Gwen is better off with Cody than Duncan. some say with Trent. but i think Cody is the perfect person for her. This is #1 on the list because they have the LEAST REASON to be together. if you want to see the Total Drama couples done correctly, watch "L is for Love" from The Loud House.

Dishonorable Mentions:

DJ X Eva - even though This is not a actulley not a couple, THANK GOD. but if it was i would probibly hate it.

Noah X Emma - I have to say, this is actulley the most SOLID couple on the show. not the best but solid.

Tyler X Lindsay - This is actulley the best couple on the show. a pairing that's actulley good enough for each other.
Top 10 Best Episodes of SpongeBob
I did my Top 10 Worst Episodes, but now let's turn it around with my Top 10 Favorate ones. now, i'm going to do Modorn episodes. I thought Seasons 1-3 would be too obvious.

#10: Not Normal - Back when this episode first aired, i didn't really like it. but as years flew buy i started to like it. It's like a medifor for certain things i don't like.

#9: Trenchbillies - I really liked this episode, The Trenchbillies themselves are funny, the ending was funny, and it was my favorate Ledgends of Bikini Bottom Episode.

#8: The Two Faces of Squidward - very decient episode! it's like a punishment on Squidward for Little yellow Book. the handsome thing was good and I Don't normally see episodes as a "Torture PORN" but he actulley deserves it in this episode.

#7: Sun Bleached - This was a real good episode. This is Sunscream from the PowerPuff Girls with all the Grossout Taken away. witch is not saying mych because this was a Season 6 episode. I especalley liked the part when Natt turned into bacon from the Tan Exelerator cream.

#6: Krabs a La Mood - Sun Bleached is a decient summer episode, and Krabs a La Mood is a decient winter episode. The Krusty Krab going from an ice rink to a swimming pool is awsome.

#5 -Single Cell Anniversary - I thought this episode was great. and the song was great. even my sister loves this song.

#4: Minic Madness - This was a very decient episode with another good song. it's just another episode that seems like a medifore for me.

#3: The Battle of Bikini Bottom - I really enjoyed this episode. the part with patrick and that guy in the bathroom was memorable, And the battle were great.

#2: Don't Look Now - I have to say, this is The Price of Admission done well! it makes more sents for SpongeBob and Patrick to be afread of a scary movie than Lincoln. Lincoln Loud can handle Zombies and Ghost but he can't handle a Scary movie!? This episode was good, and the ending wasn't as much of a slap in the face.

#1: Kenny the Cat - I put this on my Top 10 Favorate Episode list, and yes i do adore this episode. it was dramatic and good.

Honorable Mentions:

Once Bitten- This was a very good episode. but the thing thats holding it back is Gary biting SpongeBob.

The Gift oif Gum - I kind of liked this episode. it was a little gross but decient.

CopyBob Dittopants - I really enjoy this episode. it's just like A Tattler's Tale from The Loud House to me. I know i already said that before.
My Top 10 Worst Episodes of SpongeBob
Here is a list of my top 10 least favorate episodes of spongebob remember, this is my appinion.

#10: All That Glitters - This episode isn't the worst epiosde yet, but the parts with SpongeBob crying is just dippressingly unpleasent.

#9: A Day Without Tears - I just thought this was a pretty annoying episode. but not the worst one yet. I still think Think Possitive from Regular Show was a better version of this epiosde.

#8: Mermaid pants - Season 6 was gross, Season 7 was terribly mean spireted, but even though the show is improving, i still think 

#7: Krabby Road - I did kind of like the whole band part, but i just think Plankton being in jail is just...dumb.

#6: Kumputer Overload - This epiosde gave SpongeBob the least ammount of screentime before we got Mall Girl Pearl. But Mall Girl Pearl was a decient episode. the comedy of SpongeBob barley being in that episode is like Lola and Lana not being in Save The Date in The Loud House to me.

#5: Demilition Doofus - DUDE! Mrs. Puff wanted SpongeBob to DIE! that is pretty messed up. but honestly, I think Regular Show's Fool Me Twice is the best way to do an episode like Demilition Doofous.

#4: Stuck in the Wringer - Not a very enjoyable episode. SpongeBob gets hurt at the Carnival, couldn't eat ice cream, and he caused misgef at the Krusty Krab.

#3: Krusty Dogs - I did not like this episode. it just seems way to much of a rip-off of The Fairly OddParents Marry Wishmas. only instead of magic coupons, it's hotdogs, instead of Santa Cause it's The Krabby Patty. however GoodBye Krabby Patty also had us think the Krabby Patty was ending.

#2: JailBreak - This epiosde just has the intiready of Plankton in jail. I just don't like episodes that have Plankton in jail. they're just too dull to me.

#1: Little Yellow Book - I LOATHE THIS EPISODE. and i really didn't like Squidward in this episode. Reading SpongeBob's diary was unforgivable, and the ending was very insulting!

Dishonorable Mentions:

Le Big Switch - I already put this epiosde on my Top 10 Worst Episodes.

A Pal for Gary / One Coarse Meal - Harariously, when these episodes first came out, I didn't like them. but not because they were mean spireted. because of who was in them and who wasn't. but now i understand.

Pet Sitter Pat - Honestly, i thought this episode was okay. but the Gary Abuse parts were indeed the worst parts of the episode.
Top 5 Worst Cliches
I've seen Mr. Enters list of top 11 Worst Animation Cliches. witch made me want to make my own worst cliches list. so let's get started with Worst Cliche #5.

#5: Most Animated Movies Being 3D - I have one question, Why is every animated movie 3D? the only ones that aren't 3D are movies based on kids cartoons. But i think i know why this is. I think they wanted movies to look more realilistic.

#4: YouTubers Doing Something Intresting Than Playing More Video Games - Youtubers like PewDiePie and Bawk Hersheysman used to make speed edits and an Angry Birds Toons plush series, but now lately they're playing videogames i'm not intrested in like Kirby. I wish they would do more things like that.

#3: Most Song on the Radio Being about Romance - Why does every song on the radio have to be about falling in love with girls and people stripping down their cloths!? back in the day they wern't all about romance. why can't someone make a song about playing video games with friends or something? I just think romantic song are becomming a little overdone.

#2: Every Show on Cartoon Network being a Total Drama Wanna be - Back in 2010, every show on Cartoon Network was just too much like Total Drama, shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball, they were too much like Total Drama. Adventure Time had Vomit Jokes like TD, Regular Show had salty language like "Sucks" Like TD, And in season 2 of Gumball had mean spireted jokes like TD. even though thoes shows are all great shows, can they try not to be like Total Drama?

#1: One Group of Characters being the same as Another - My Little Ponmy and The Loud House both did this, and they're both shows i like. in My Little Poiny, you got One Bad Apple seeming a lot like The Return to Hormony, and Crusaders of a Lost Mark being WAY to much Like Twilight's Kingdome. especially with Diomand Tiarra seemign like a Discord wanna be. but the loud house has Lincoln and Clyde being WAY to much like Lori and Bobby, in episodes like Making the Grade and Back in Black, Lynner takes all and Potty Mouth, and A Room with a View and Garadge Banned. I don't see that problum when Clyde crushes it on Lori, but in episodes when he doesn't it's just butchered and I can see the simmularity in it. can't they be more different, it's just like Babe and BooBoo Bear only in friendship instead of love.
Hey you guys. I've been hearing a lot of negative reviews from the loud house' brawl in the family. It might just be me, but it seemed to just be misunderstood. I actually thought is was a pretty funny episode. In fact, If you don't feel the same way as me. I bet I could com up with an even worse story than that, with a horrible moral like you should always be a jerk or fight all the time. And make the characters as unlike able as possible. 


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